Rice Now Received a Cohesive Branding Strategy for a New Japanese Chain

 - Apr 6, 2015
References: bienal.mx & thedieline
Delivery sushi restaurants are new to Merida, Mexico, so the method behind marketing this first Japanese business of its kind was to give Rice Now a distinctive image. In order to get noticed by new customers and to remain recognized by returning consumers, Bienal Comunicación designed a punchy brand identity of colors and symbols to cover all sorts of products.

The takeout sushi containers have paper sleeves in red, teal and patterned white, depending on the particular contents. Buttons, playful paper card goggles, business cards, menus and chopsticks' sleeves are all wrapped in the same vibrant hues and branded with emblems to represent temaki rolls, rice and hashi utensils. The Rice Now strategy demonstrates how to create a consistent brand identity that marries everything from the logo to the color scheme in order to assert a strong and familiar aesthetic.