Revolutionary Compact E-Ball Shapes the Future of Computing

 - Feb 13, 2009
References: devicedaily
The 'Star Wars' era seems to be really closing in, given innovative concepts such as the E-Ball personal computer. For those of you looking not for other thinner and faster PCs but something truly novel, this is undoubtedly your design destination.

Created by designer Apostol Tnokovski, the device reflects his inclination towards the flawless spherical shape and is promoted as the smallest PC ever made. It features a pop-out laser mouse, an LCD projector which illuminates either a wall or a pane of paper for a display and a projected laser keyboard. Measuring just 160mm in diameter, E-Ball remarkably integrates a dual core processor, 250 to 500GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, integrated graphic card and sound card, 2x50W speakers, HD-DVD recorder, LAN and WLAN card, modem, and a webcam.

With such unparalleled functionality and unique design, we will definitely be anticipating this marvel of a PC to roll out!