The Reverse for Rebirth Rake is a Poetic Creation

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: ahnjoonggeun & yankodesign
The Reverse for Rebirth Rake is a re-imagination of a traditional yard tool. At first, this rake might look familiar with its triangular shape, forked edge and overall minimalist aesthetic, but it has been tweaked ever so slightly. Instead of being on the straight and narrow, this rake boasts a branch-like pattern that mimics the trees that shed the leaves it scrapes up into a neat pile.

Designed by Ahn Joonggeun, Lee Sanghyuk, Lee Jaemin and Park Seohee, the Reverse for Rebirth Rake is a poetic creation. It gives the fallen leaves one last chance to relive their glory days by giving it the illusion that they are, once again on the branches of a tree. It can also be used as a piece of home decor when not collecting leaves from the yard.