Retro Atari 800 XE Laptop

 - Nov 20, 2005
References: benheck
Ben Heck, a maker of custom portable electronics, has created a laptop that brings you back to 1987. Wild.

- Uses (what's left of ;) an Atari XE GS (Game System) the last model Atari 800 type computer from 1987.
- 8" TFT active matrix display
- Compact Flash "hard disk drive" utilizing MyDOS 4.53 for maximum drive size of 16 megabytes. Card is removable for swapping.
- Built-in NiMH battery pack and charger (uses external plug like a normal laptop) Also battery is removable from base as with most laptops.
- Full (Atari 800) sized keyboard
- Built-in Player 1 & 2 controls, plus joystick ports. Built-in joypads great for playing Robotron 2084!
- Brushed aluminum and wood grain everywhere! A weird combo style, sure, but I like it!
- Cursor control knob - Allows you to move the cursor around the screen without pressing control+arrow keys. That's awesome if you're an old-school Atari programmer "from the day"
- Slim (compared to an original SIO port) DB25 printer-style port for connecting to disk drives, printers or PC's using an SIO2PC cable.