This Harness Allows Handlers to Communicate with & Monitor Rescue Dogs

 - May 6, 2014
References: & gizmag
Researchers at North Carolina State University are developing a high-tech dog harness that transforms rescue dogs into walking, barking reconnaissance systems. The researchers took an off-the-shelf dog harness and added a variety of sensors and other technology to add monitoring and communication tools.

The harness is fitted with cameras, microphones and GPS systems. It is equipped with sensors that monitor the rescue dog's physiology and behavior, transmitting data such as its heart rate back to its handlers. This information keeps users informed of the dog's well-being and also lets them know if the dog was excited by something such as an interesting scent.

The harness' active communication system lets handlers relay verbal commands to the dogs through on-board speakers. The researchers are also developing a tactile system that would transmit instructions in the form of vibrations.