These DIY Reptar Bars Pay Tribute to the 1990s Show 'Rugrats'

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: facebook & foodbeast
Feast of Fiction unveiled a playful recipe that outlines how to make Reptar bars. In honor of the 1990s cartoon television show Rugrats, these Reptar bars are a nostalgic treat infused with gooey lime green marshmallows.

The bars themselves are a delicious blend of double chocolate layering that is infused with caramel, almonds and chocolate chips. After being frozen, the treats are topped with a sticky layer of lime green melted marshmallows -- in honor of the bright green dinosaur mascot from the show.

Feast of Fiction even went to the extreme of creating and printing Reptar-inspired labels using an actual image of the dinosaur toy from the Rugrats. While the Rugrats show has been off the air for a some time, this tasty memory-fueling candy bar will probably conjure some sentimental memories.