The Remind Daily Planner is a Wristwatch that Organizes Your Routine

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: hayterdesign & tuvie
A checklist can take many forms these days, from a pad of paper to a smartphone app. The Remind Daily Planner is a watch that literally brings your tasks to hand, offering a convenient and compact way to prompt people's daily duties.

This chronograph has a clock integrated into the lower right corner of the broad face with a much larger area dedicated to the display of a variety of symbols. Each represents a different job around the house or an activity necessary for personal care, designed to assist adults with autism in living independent lives.

Time and task-based, Gregory Hayter's Remind Daily Planner enables the user to swipe a strip with his finger to check off chores on-by-one. These assignments would have been scheduled ahead of time with a computer program that syncs to the assistive accessory.