These Reindeer Antlers Provide the Animals with Some Nighttime Shine

 - Feb 18, 2014
References: & neatorama
With Christmas gone, many people have forgotten about Reindeer and their massive reindeer antlers. With these reflective antlers though, people will be unlikely to forget Santa Clause's partners in crime. In order to keep the reindeer safe they have been given illuminated antlers to allow them to be seen in the dark.

The signs on the side of the road that have deer on them often go ignored or unnoticed but they are there for good reason. Reindeer are often struck and killed by cars when crossing the street due to poor visibility at night. In order to cut down on this problem, reindeer in Lapland have had their antlers sprayed with reflective material that shows up when headlights shine on them.

Considering the light only shine on the reindeer antlers when headlights hit them it's unlikely that people will see creepy shining reindeer anytime soon, but this should definitely help the car accident problem.