The Palaon Research and Experience Center can Disappear

 - Jul 16, 2013
References: & designtaxi
The Palaon Research and Experience Center is a reflective building designed by the Zurich and Berlin-based firm Holzer Kobler Architekturen. Just like a stealth bomber, the building can at times completely disappear from sight. The trick is the solid mirror-like material used as the surface of the building.

It's truly puzzling to look at this reflective building as it sits on the horizon. Being able to only see traces of the structure, it becomes an optical illusion that even Harry Houdini would be proud of. Housing more than just a research facility, the building features an exhibition area, stores, restaurants and even a coal mine. With such diverse options to go along with the research being done, this reflective building certainly lives up to its name as an 'Experience Center.'