The Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2013 Shook the Streets of Toronto

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: youtube
For the first time Toronto, Canada hosted the The Red Bull Thre3style World Championships -- the ultimate disc jockey battle -- and the streets shook for one solid week as competitors from all over the world fought for the title.

To kick off the competition, DJs names were drafted and as each name was called they chose which evening and in which order they would perform. At the end of every night, only one DJ could move on to battle at the ultimate finals. The venues were packed as music lovers stomped their feet and danced to the amazing spins. On Saturday night, Japan's DJ Shintaro walked away with the winning title for 2013 and the crowd roared in celebration.

The Red Bull Thre3style World Finals was a wild and entertaining week centered around the art of DJ-ing and a worldwide love for music. Fans got to hear about the history and progression of DJ-ing and enjoy performances from national performers and special guests.