Follow the Latest Ecological Movements and Patterns

 - Mar 17, 2012
References: trendreports
The green thrust found within the educational, electric and food production sectors has brought about new recycling initiatives. The days of merely recycling paper and plastic have been surpassed, making way for comprehensive solar power projects and rehashed fashion lines. Eco enthusiasts have maintained that nothing is to be spared, making new uses of previously discarded products. The Recycling Trend Report sums up these environmental movements, cataloging 93 vital PRO Trends and over 900 cases of recycle-minded projects.

Green issues have quickly become some of society's most entrenched buzz topics. Global warming and glacier depletion have troubled the minds of the masses, causing scientists and students to hit the proverbial drawing board. Most are trying to eliminate their ecological footprint, brushing up on waste management techniques and local ventures. The Recycling Trend Report documents the best of these green initiatives, providing a critical read for manufacturers and citizens alike.