The CupLoader Makes it Possible to Recycle Energy Using Coffee

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: cuploader
The more devices and gadgets we have, the more we need to recycle energy. With entrepreneurial thinking, Torben Berger, Dom Heinrich, Mark Hollering, Martin Biela and Christian Endecott of McCANN Worldgroup - MRM//McCANN created the CupLoader. The CupLoader is being branded as "The first cup of coffee with a positive effect." This travel mug uses the heat of coffee and turns it into electrical energy, which allows us to charge our mobile devices on the go.

As co-founder Dom Heinrich says, "We want to integrate the CupLoader into our daily lives. The coffee houses can sell the CupLoader together with their own products. The product itself is small and light, allowing us to carry it everywhere." At the same time, the CupLoader can replace the paper cup we receive from coffee houses, this way not only energy can be saved but also paper production and waste can be reduced.

Coffee is universal, healthy, habitual and social -- and now it even has the potential to be eco-friendly. CupLoader can be introduced into daily lives to help make the world a little bit better with each cup of coffee. The Team is currently working together with a coffee brand to launch the product by the end of 2015 as a limited edition.