The REBIRTH Table by Meikstudio Fuses Linear and Organic Elements

 - Jun 10, 2012
The REBIRTH Table by Meikstudio is a bold furniture piece that successfully marries linear and organic design elements. The modern table features a metal-made curvilinear base that coils to hold up the piece's top half: a linear wooden box.

This wooden box houses the table's storage unit, a streamlined drawer that appears to be floating in mid air. Design firm Meikstudio highlights the juxtaposition of heavy planar elements and light and organic forms in their intriguing industrial design piece.

From its uniquely framed base to its elegant veneer-constructed top, the REBIRTH Table by Meikstudio is a one-of-a-kind furniture form sure to grace the homes of many design-conscious individuals. Both sculptural and modern in its design, this terrific table is one to remember.

Image Credit: Meikstudio