(RE)Configured-Assemblage Rebuilds the City with Recycled Metal

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: we-designs.org & suckerpunchdaily
Every building leaves the observer with some sort of impression, and it seems as though (RE)Configured-Assemblage generates the image of an undulating city skyline. While the entirety of the project maintains a unified aesthetic, said structure is composed of a collection of distinctively separate units.

Those modules are actually recycled shipping containers of several original sizes, adapted to suit the design of Judith Mussel and Wendy Fok. The architects went further to transform the transport artifacts into fresh new built entities by creating asymmetry and angles and incising them with intricate geometric patterns.

Such a dynamic design would naturally become home to art galleries and an education center, sharing vast public spaces with restaurants, lofts, retail stores and more. (RE)Configured-Assemblage becomes a metropolitan microcosm for Long Beach, enhanced by open air courtyards amidst the tracing shadows of the ornamental towers above.