The Blade Buddy Helps to Extend the Use of Your Razor

 - Sep 10, 2014
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Extend the life of your daily razor blade thanks to the invention of this nifty gadget known as the Blade Buddy. This handy shaving accessory helps to keep your blades super sharp so that they're ready to use whenever you need a quick shave.

Thanks to the Blade Buddy's embedded silicone rubber strip that is designed for consumers to rub their razors on after use. The silicone sharpens the blade ensuring that it stays super sharp and ready for a precision shave on your next use. Now you can get the maximum amount of uses out of your disposable blades by ensuring that things like water, soap and cream don't dull the blade out. Simply run your razor over the Blade Buddy's silicone surface two or three times for maximum sharpness.