This Impressive LEGO Car Built by Raul Oaida is Actually Drivable

 - Dec 21, 2013
References: youtube & theskunkpot
LEGO lover Raul Oaida is behind this fully functional LEGO car. This black and yellow building block creation runs on air, and is made from about half a million little LEGO pieces. Earlier this year other LEGO fans created items like a motorized building block Segway and a functional building block wheel chair, so a LEGO car seems like the next logical step. This unconventional mode of transportation can go between 20 to 30 kilometres per hour, which means that it's not the most practical way to get around, but at the very least it's a childhood dream come true.

This impressive toy car's engine is made entirely out of regular LEGO pieces, and includes more than 250 pistons. Previously LEGO has been used to create gadget protectors, artificial limbs and fish tanks, and now thanks to Raul Oaida, a drivable car can be added to that list. It's clear that creative individuals can make pretty much anything from LEGO.