Learn to be Lyrical and Poetic with RapPad

 - Apr 15, 2013
References: rappad.co
RapPad is a website for freestyle rappers. It’s also a place where anyone can become a freestyle rapper. Even if you have never laid down lyrics on a beat, RapPap will make you into a freestyle rapper.

The writing section of RapPad allows you to pick any beat you want from YouTube and it tells you how many syllables are in each of your lines. Once you have completed your "off the dome" masterpiece, you can submit it to the whole community. If they like it, they will give you props. More props means your freestyle gets more views.

If you don’t feel like writing down your raps, then just click the "Freestyle" tab. The website will lay down a beat for you and even gives you a random word generator so you have something to rap about. RapPad is thee place to learn how to freestyle. It will make you an "off the cuff wordsmith."