This Rammed-Earth Wall Provides Housing for Temporary Workers

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: luigirosselli & treehugger
Australian firm 'Luigi Rosselli Architects' recently designed a rammed-earth wall that provides housing for seasonal workers. In remote parts of West Australia it is difficult for cattle ranchers to find temporary housing. This structure provides a unique solution for housing seasonal employees.

The rammed-earth wall is located in West Australia and it spans 754 feet in length. The wall is built on the edge of a sand dune, meaning that it is partially submerged. Inside of the wall there are a number of individual residences that provide simple yet functional accommodations for seasonal workers. The wall itself is made from locally sourced clay and measures 17.7 inches in thickness. The roof is also made from sand, which helps to keep the interior cool.

The earth-covered residences provide the perfect solution for housing seasonal employees in harsh environments such as Australia.