The Rami Stool and Side Table is Organic and Futuristic

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: ilhoon & contemporist
The name of the Rami Stool and Side Table may mean 'tree branches' in Latin, but they could have also been named after a spider's web. The latticed design is thin and gossamer, but not as structured and symmetrical as a cobweb. Overall, the pieces have an organic aesthetic that also stems from the designer's fascination on the rigidity and lightness of bird skull. The result is a design that is lightweight, structurally optimised and extremely efficient. Stronger than steel, they weigh less than one kilogram.

Created by design studio IL HOON ROH, the Rami Stool and Side Table are made out of hand-woven carbon fibre string. Their clean lines and futuristic appeal makes the furniture pieces perfect for contemporary homes.