The Dragonheart Rainbow Hood is Fit for Eccentric Dressers

 - Jun 8, 2015
References: dollskill & pinterest
J Valentine's Dragonheart Rainbow Hood is the epitome of raver chic. This technicolor creation features a wild style aesthetic and a mythical inspiration.

Perfect for the upcoming summer festivals, this rainbow hood features a mixture of materials and colors. The dragon mane is made of vegan fur and showcases a beautiful purple hue. Spikes in various colors travel down the tail of the hood which stops about mid back on an average height wearer. Placed atop the hood are rainbow horns that curl in toward the ends. Featured on each side of the hood are plush pink drop ties accented by a purple pom poms.

The Dragonheart Rainbow Hood is an eccentric piece of headgear best suited for the extremely creative.