The Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich Looks like a Fancy Hotel

 - Apr 19, 2011
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The Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich, Switzerland doesn’t look like a bank at all. The interior is grand, with an all-white theme that is sprinkled with gold accents. It looks like you are stepping into a luxurious hotel when entering this bank. Sometimes going into a bank can be dreadful because many are so bland, but a bank like this will probably put people in a much better mood. 

The Raiffeisen Bank was designed by NAU, who has also created unique office spaces in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles. The Cool Hunter explains that the "goal of this white space-agey environment is to break down the physical and emotional barriers between customers and staff." The Raiffeisen Bank has a friendly environment that allows customers to interact with touchscreen tables to learn about different banking options.