Artist Rafael Sottolichio Uses Liquid to Evoke Emotion

 - Aug 14, 2013
References: rafaelsottolichio & emptykingdom
Rafael Sottolichio has used different mediums in order to create stunning displays of artwork.

In his collection entitled Hallucinatory Tales, Sottolichio has created a series that is as captivating as it is artistically sound. He turns a regular painting into something spectacular by his use of dipping liquid. Throughout the series, lines of paint are featured in unexpected places such as coming out of eyes or arms. Also, besides the liquid drips, there seems to be a theme of water weaved into the pieces. Some look as though a girl is floating, and other people are physically wading through a flood. The sheer amount of colors used also makes this entire collection memorable. Rafael Sottolichio did an incredible job of using different techniques in order to allow his viewers to form a connection with his work.