Radius TruTunes in 10 Shades

 - May 15, 2008
References: radiusproducts
No matter what your product, people want choice. Radius, a earphones manufacturer, realized the need to address this demand which is why they are offering their TruTune line of headphones in just about every colour of the rainbow -- the ten shades of the iPod Nano -- so there's one guaranteed to match yours.

Initially, the classic white Apple buds were a status indicator, a prestigious symbol of the iPod movement, but due to their current ubiquity, they no longer hold their culture appeal. Radius still has the white cable, but the buds are capped with vibrant metallic bands and hookup jacks.

It comes with two cable lengths too, including an extra long one. Having the ability to place your music 42" away adds a lot of convenience, but because it's interchangeable, you can also enjoy the practicality of a shorter cable when pumping iron at the gym.

Each set comes with three interchangeable sizes, so no matter if you have tiny inner ears or supersized ones, they're guaranteed to fit snuggly.

The Japanese headphones just started selling in the US, but they're now available from numerous retailers including Amazon.

Considering the demand for colours, variety, customization and the ubiquity of MP3 players, TruTunes could truly be the next big thing!