R.E.M. by Fabien Montique Stirs Sweet Dreams Beyond Sunrise

What a luxury it is to sleep well beyond the rising of the sun, and there's no coincidence that the act itself is tightly bound to an overall feeling of deep de-stressed relaxation. R.E.M. by Fabien Montique depicts two men as they doze between bright white sheets, bathed in the yellow light from the window while wearing placid slumbering looks upon their faces.

Male models Paolo Roldan and Willy Cartier show few signs of stirring as they continue to dream peacefully. They appear to have passed out together after a late evening out, as Willy still wears one sleeve of his crisp Dior Homme dress shirt. Exuding an air of total tranquility and complete comfort, R.E.M. by Fabien Montique sets up a strong scene for the appreciation of Calvin Klein underwear.