Quno by Jeongche Yoon Merges Roadster and Residence

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: orangespace.tistory & ecofriend
If you've had to sleep in your car, more likely than not, this is a bad thing, but if a concept like Quno by Jeongche Yoon takes off, living out of your beloved vehicle could actually become quite a positive experience.

The designer acknowledges that much of urbanites' time is spent commuting on congested roads, and that with long working hours, perhaps having a place to rest close to the office could be quite convenient. Considering the images of this avant-garde invention, it seems that the pod-like conveyance could simply be plugged into a bank of densely packed apartments.

Quno by Jeongche would be a futuristic two-seater so light and compact that it would reduce fuel costs. Not to mention the money and resources one could save by downsizing to these associated flats.