Querelle Jansen is Shipwreck Beautiful in Numéro Tokyo June 2014

 - May 1, 2014
References: numero.jp & visualoptimism.blogspot
For Japanese magazine Numéro Tokyo's latest fashion editorial, model Querelle Jansen posed on a beach in a castaway-themed shoot.

Querelle Jansen made being shipwrecked on a deserted island look effortlessly beautiful. Jansen poses in fabulous couture gowns that juxtapose the disheveled look of the plane-crashed palm tree island. Despite being in a highly stressful situation, Jansen looks calm and collective, smoking a cigarette and exploring the island. Her ginger locks remain tousled and wet throughout the editorial. The background of the sweeping ocean waves, sandy beaches and random plan wreckage makes this fashion shoot took place at the site of a real plane wreckage.

Somehow Jansen manages to look delicately alluring despite being covered in dirt, grim and wearing ripped up clothes.