The Quentin Vaulot SIU Lamp is Metrically Designed to Save Energy

 - Sep 22, 2011
References: quentinvaulot & mocoloco
The French-designed Quentin Vaulot SIU lamp will give you the right amount of light according to your activities and needs. SIU stands for Shape is Use, which means this lamp is completely malleable to save energy and give no more than the necessary amount of light.

Designed as a roll of tape, this lamp is structured to be manually unrolled and shaped into a variety of forms depending on how much light is needed. Vaulot highlights, "its structure provides versatility and a multitude of layouts and uses." However, the main concept behind this project is energy consumption. Vaulot believes that by shaping the string of light according to each activity, the consumption will be then proportionally correlated to the use given.

The Quentin Vaulot SIU lamp is an eco-friendly and gorgeous design that sheds light on an issue like disproportional energy consumption, which creates serious environmental problems.