YouTubers 'Team Edge' Faced Off in the 'Quelf Challenge'

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: youtube
The YouTubers from 'Team Edge,' Bryan, J-Fred, and Matt, recently competed against one another in the 'Quelf Challenge.' As the name implies, the Quelf Challenge involves playing a game of Quelf, a fun and interactive board game that tests a range of knowledge and skills.

Much like the popular 'Cranium' board game, Quelf involves players moving their game pieces around a board with differently colored tiles. When they land on a tile, they draw a card of the same color and complete the task or game as directed. The four card categories are Stuntz, Roolz, Showbiz and Quizzle.

Team Edge added extra risk into their Quelf Challenge. The loser of the game was forced to spin the 'Wheel of Misfortune,' which is a spinning wheel loaded with embarrassing punishments to be completed on camera.