The 'Quantum' Ethanol Fireplace Will Claim its Territory in Any Room

Indoor heating appliances have become a standalone fad, and the 'Quantum' Ethanol Fireplace by Modern Elements is no different. This solid-colored fireplace presents the most authentic modern appeal to be encountered in indoor heating design.

It is made from a black powder-coated steel for its exterior and is built with stainless steel from the inside. The Quantum ethanol fireplace does not have any installation needs, making heat as attainable as bringing the Quantum into one's home and switching it on.

On top of being a part of the standalone fad, the Quantum is environmentally friendly as it runs on a renewable energy called Denatured Ethanol. With an amazingly simple and bold design that boasts fume-free heat, no reason for maintenance and free burning flames, Quantum is the perfect indoor heating appliance.