The Quality Magazine 'Poison Ivy' Editorial Stars Val Smirnova

 - Nov 26, 2012
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The Quality Magazine 'Poison Ivy' editorial is as vibrant and dark as photographer Elizaveta Porodina's past work. Although not as futuristic as the Vice German 'Weltraumober' editorial or as romantic as the 74 Magazine 'HOKKUS POKUS' photoshoot, this series definitely has a dangerous edge that will reel people in.

Starring model Val Smirnova as a red-headed vixen, the Quality Magazine 'Poison Ivy' editorial showcases her surreal beauty in a dazzling way through the use of electric hues of color, light leaks and more. Styled by Josef Stockinger, the Argentinian beauty glamorous gowns and embellished bodysuits that accentuate her rich nature. Blending beautifully into the set designed by Beatrice Schüll, the looks are complemented by fiery waves and full makeup by beauty artist Heiko Palach.