Quaker Oatmeal Alarm Clock

 - Feb 16, 2008   Updated: Jun 1 2011
References: gizmodo
Rise and shine to healthy breakfast. Quaker Oats is working on a new gadget that will have a steaming hot bowl of oatmeal ready for you as soon as you wake up int he morning. The device includes an insulated milk-storage cannister, a clock and heater that gently warms the milk and combines it into wholesome oatmeal at a preset time.

Picture courtesy Gizmodo.

Implications - With technology pretty much running people's lives, consumers are expecting more out of their devices. The convenience of multi-functional capabilities packed into a compact object continues to be taken advantage of by those looking to simplify their lives. With such high demand for practicality, businesses are beginning to incorporate unusual functions into gadgets as a way of meeting strange demands.