- Sep 10, 2006
References: movisi & designspotter
The Q-Couch designed by Frederik Van Heereveld, is an organically shaped modular seating arrangement that comes in eight bright colours with a useful design. It consists of separate Pieces that can be pressed together in your chosen colour combination to suit your interior decor or corporate colours. Depending on your requirements or the number of visitors you have, arrange them like a couch or separate the pieces into armchairs.

Crash test dummies will apreciate that this unique furniture is made from the same expanded poly-propylene used for side-impact protection in car design, called ARPRO. It is strong, stable,lightweight & 100 % waterproof, suitable for indoors or outdoors.

They are available to purchase in sets of two pieces of the same colour and one different end piece to finish your armchair off. Mix and match, it will bring out the designer in you.