Puzzle Clock Encourages Users to Play with Time

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: bitplayinc & theawesomer
The new Puzzle Clock from bitplay INC. may look like a toy of some sort, but it is in fact an alarm clock; it just functions in a very unconventional way.

Upon first glance, the Puzzle Clock doesn't even seem like it tells time; the fact is, it doesn't. How? Why? Well, the clock acts as an alarm; the user needs only to take the individual wooden pieces and construct the time on the wooden box. So if 6am is the time to be set, then the pieces must be arranged as 0600. Since there's no AM/PM indicator, you must understand the 24-hour clock in order to make the distinction.

The Puzzle Clock is an interesting concept that's simple, but clever at the same time.