The Nosy Crow Jigsaws Mobile Platform is Intuitive and Educational

 - Apr 23, 2015
Nosy Crow Jigsaws is a virtual puzzle app that is intuitive and educational for kids. While classic puzzles can lead to clutter and lost pieces, this app offers a myriad of different jigsaw configurations that are put together on one's phone or tablet.

The puzzle app features games at beginner and advanced levels and will test a child's brain while they're having fun. Nosy Crow Jigsaws will appeal to kids of all ages and features a diverse range of images, equaling to hours of fun.

This free app is a favorite among parents looking to keep kids busy during a road trip or rainy day. As technology evolves, children are becoming exposed to it earlier than ever before. This shift means that app creators are putting more focus on educational and kid-friendly platforms.