Hashtag Collectibles' Purritos Come Wrapped in Foil Like Burritos

 - Dec 8, 2017
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As the company's name hints, Hashtag Collectibles isn't averse to providing consumers with a social media-friendly experience, and its new Purritos plushies are just that. The super-soft stuffed animals are adorable in their own right, but Hashtag Collectibles also offers to deliver them wrapped in foil — like burritos — giving consumers a great opportunity for a priceless Instagram or Snapchat post.

Hashtag Collectibles offers three different Purritos: a yellow scaredy cat called Pork Bun, a pink shy guy called Mochi, and an affable blue fellow called Tuna. Each of the plushies feature the cats' faces popping out of a snugly wrapped baby blanket, which gives them a burrito-ish appearance (whence their name).

The Purritos are far from Hashtag Collectibles' only plushies. The company offers scores of stuffed products, many of which are animal-themed, like a stuffed blobfish, water bear, and pangolin.