- Dec 3, 2007
References: purrcast
If you love listening to cats purring, you absolutely must check out the Purrcast, a site dedicated to the sounds made by very content cats.

When you're getting frazzled at the desk, just pop on your head phones and let the hypnotic purrs lull you into a state of relaxation.

Each episode features a different cats vocal murmurs and a short story about the feline's background. The first episode featured Pig, a "sort-of stray" rescued from Baltimore.

"Pig did not used to be much of a purrer. Kazoogrrl is convinced he's purring more lately, now that he's eating an almost entirely (good quality) wet food diet. His prime purring moment is at bedtime. Then he jumps up on the bed and clambers from one person to the other, occasionally rolling off his chosen perch. Then he settles on someone's chest (usually kazoogrrl's, ding0 gets the post breakfast love) and purrs. And purrs. And scoots closer to your face and purrs more."

So, if you like stories about cats, photos of cats, and the sound of cats, then Purrcast is a site for you.

Photo from Wunderground