The Denso Pulp Juicer Lets You Customize Consistency

 - Nov 3, 2017
References: yankodesign
Traditional centrifugal juicers will remove all of the pulp from fruits and vegetables that are placed in it to ensure the smoothest juice possible, but the Denso Pulp Juicer looks to change this up. The juicer features a design that allows users to customize the level of pulp they want in their drink in order to acknowledge preferences for thicker or smoother consistencies. This is achieved by utilizing a mesh screen that will either let more pulp slide through into your glass or restrict all of it for easy disposal.

The Denso Pulp Juicer is the design work of Kriti Goyal, Rajeev Kumargupta and Karthikeyan Sabapthy, and identifies the need for more customizable appliances in the kitchen to satisfy preferences for personalization.