The Puddling Photoblog Captures 'Architectural Puddle' Pieces

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: puddling.tumblr
If you are a fan of architectural photography, then you are going to love the Puddling photoblog. Puddling is run by Madeleine Digangi, a photographer with a penchant for taking pictures of buildings after a rainstorm. Instead of focusing on how a building looks all wet, Digangi trains her lens on their reflections in puddles.

The result is a set of photos that set the Puddling photoblog apart from any other architectural photoblog you are likely to come across. The photos in the Puddling photoblog almost look like watercolor paintings with their wavy shapes and oily colors. Budding architects and artists especially should have a field day clicking through the many pictures that make up the Puddling photoblog. Architectural photo artists, time to step your game up.