Hein Koh's Work is Soft, Chromatic and Incredibly Meaningful

 - May 15, 2018
References: heinkoh & juxtapoz
Hein Koh is a Brooklyn-based creative, whose strongly psychedelic sculptures carry a dreamy aesthetic, as well as important messages about female sexuality and motherhood. The format of her work is surprisingly whimsical and delicate. Hein Koh makes use of soft and shiny materials, lovingly decorated with rainbow-like fiberglass and glittery motifs.

Existing on "the thin line between sensuous and uncanny," Hein Koh's psychedelic sculptures exhibit both the beauty and the struggle of the female narrative. The artist's work is surrealist in nature and the recurring motif of the eye instills a mix value, consisting of surveillance, objectification and even sadness. It is not only the form of Hein Koh's psychedelic sculptures that makes them truly captivating but the meticulous use of material and fabrication as well.