This Gluten-Free MAX SPORT Snack is Rich in Protein and Fiber

This MAX SPORT Protein Cake snack bar is ideal for those who appreciate protein-rich foods, yet have a weakness for decadent dessert flavors.

Of these portable 50 gram Protein Cakes, 25% of the slim gluten-free snack bar is made up of protein. The snacks are also rich in fiber and is enriched with superfood powders like acai and black currant. These flavorful Protein Cakes come in two flavors: Vanilla and Cacao & Coconut.

While protein-rich products are often associated with pre- or post-workout sessions, MAX SPORT developed these sweet dessert-inspired snack bars to accompany a consumer's coffee or tea time rituals. By targeting this particular time of the day, this may be an effective way for newly health-conscious individuals to replace biscuits or cakes with a more supportive snack.