Extreme Theme City Lodge (UPDATE)

 - Jan 2, 2008
References: propeller-island & propeller-island
As ultra-premium luxury becomes mainstream, people looking for an exquisite getaway are having to turn to the creations of innovative hoteliers, booking vacations at original retreats like the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin we featured a while back. Last time we only featured coffin and cage rooms, but the hotel has so much more to offer!

The themed rooms are dramatically diverse, with detailed design from floor to ceiling, each chamber with its own personality. Simply by changing the room, hotel patrons can feel like they're in an exotic new location every night, while keeping their luggage under one roof and the same city outside the front doors.

Themes include:

- Flying Bed
- Orange Room
- Symbol Room
- Castle Room
- Clouds
- 4 Beams
- Tempel
- Hol(l)y-Wood
- Mirror Room
- Wrapped
- Therapy
- Blue Room
- The Table
- Upside Down
- Glas House
- Gallery
- Freedom
- Grandma's
- Padded Cell
- Coffin Room
- Landscapes
- Chicken Curry
- Space-Cube
- Museum
- Nudes
- Medi-Terra
- Two Lions
- Nightlight
- Electric Wallpapers
- Forest
- Breakfast Room

The hotel's novelty has made it a global destination for those wanting to experience art from the inside out. It's been the site of many photoshoots and movies and attracted all people of all kind of personalities.