Project Glass Parody Pokes Fun at Microsoft Windows

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: & huffingtonpost
This Project Glass parody is just one of the videos that went viral which pokes fun at the thought of Microsoft Windows running Google’s Project Glass. Last week Google launched a promotion video that showcased its latest project titled Project Glass, a set of sci-fi looking glasses that acts as a hands-free smartphone.

The augmented reality glasses shows everything one does on a smartphone right in front of the eyes. But in this version everything goes downhill, with Windows operating the revolutionary glasses.

Although this Project Glass parody showcases Google’s latest project, the wise crack joke is targeted at Windows. This spoof takes aim at Microsoft’s Windows and its nuance pop ups that plague the screen such as the anti-virus updates and "unknown error" boxes. Those who have once used a Windows PC will be familiar with these computer barricades.