The Progression of Silence is Aesthetically- and Aurally-Pleasing

 - Apr 24, 2014
References: bitpaste & beautifuldecay
The Progression of Silence art installation is a cascade of bells that will captivate people on both an aesthetic and aural level. The brass bells plunge downwards through the spiralling opening of a stairwell as though they were part of an indoor waterfall. But in place of rushing water, chimes are heard. The designer writes, "The essence of sound is the vibrations of frequency, and these vibrations are often seen as geometric patterns to the eye. Through the process of changing these geometric patterns, namely modulation, they become sounds for the artworks."

Created by Byoungho Kim, The Progression of Silence installation is located in the Johnnie Walker House, an arts exhibition space opened in 2013 by the famous whisky distiller. It brings texture to the white space.