The 'WhiteFox' Mini Mechanical Programmable Keyboard is High-Quality

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
The majority of mechanical keyboards on the market are somewhat large and intended for intensive gaming uses or the like, so the 'WhiteFox' is a mini mechanical programmable keyboard to offer a differently sized alternative. Created by Input Club, the 'WhiteFox' keyboard consists of a small set of keys that are fully programmable along with a series of design accents that make them a truly exceptional options for users to appreciate. This includes durable PBT keycaps, an aluminum body and the brand's new Halo mechanical switches.

The 'WhiteFox' mini mechanical programmable keyboard can be fully programmed and customized, and is backed by open source software in order to enable users to really get creative with how they want to personalize the device.