Estonia’s ProgreTiiger Program Will Introduce Code Writing to Stu

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: & venturebeat
Estonia is currently in the process of implementing the ProgreTiiger program, a public school initiative for elementary students. The educational scheme aims to execute nation-wide lessons on the subject of coding, making its youngsters some of the most tech-savvy pupils in the world.

ProgreTiiger will mould a new generation of computer developers. Beginning with the first grade, the initiative will put in place its recent partnerships with private IT companies and vigorously trained teachers. Those who are enrolled in the classes will be instructed on the subjects of engineering, debugging, software development and programming language.

The benefits that will come with ProgreTiiger are innumerable. Already a leader on the Eastern European computer front, Estonia will prove to be a forerunner of technology in the classroom.