The Procopio Ferreira Theatre Campaign Shows Why Performance Art Rules

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
The Procopio Ferreira Theatre campaign makes a very strong case: "Teatro. Sempre 3D." That means, "Theatre. Always 3D." in Italian. There are a lot of other arguments that can be used to encourage people to embrace this emotional and evocative performance art, but the creators behind this campaign decided to address the desires of modern society. The Procopio Ferreira Theatre campaign should have also pointed out that their audience won't walk away with headaches.

Conceived and executed by Escala, an ad agency based in São Paulo, Brazil, the Procopio Ferreira Theatre campaign was art directed by Renan Bulgari with creative direction by Getúlio Mentz Albrecht Filho. The hilarious images parody the blue and red eyeglasses worn by 3D movie-goers.