The 'Hot Vegan Probiotic & Spice Rehab Mask' Boasts Ayurvedic Herbs

 - Jan 29, 2018
References: pacificabeauty
Now that consumers have become familiar with the benefits of taking probiotics internally, probiotics are also being integrated into a range of skincare solutions—such as this probiotic face mask from Pacifica.

The Hot Vegan Probiotic & Spice Rehab Mask boasts a gel-like formula that includes Ayurvedic herbs and coconut water, as well as spicy ingredient additions like black pepper and ginger. This combination of ingredients is said to work together to effectively stimulate and reenergize the skin, plus decongest, depuff and loosen impurities so that they can easily be easily removed.

Although the product branding embraces words like "hot" and "spice," the brand assures that its 100% vegan, cruelty-free product is suited to all skin types.