The Primary Coffee Company HotPad App Disses iPad Overheating Issue

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: techcrunch & mashable
The newest iPad overheats enough to almost double as a personal grill and the Primary Coffee Company HotPad app allows users to purposely overheat their tablet to coffee-reheating temperatures as a jab at the major design flaw.

The web-app essentially over-clocks the CPU in the tablet, forcing it to work really hard to process the HotPad script which makes the machine rapidly heat up. The app then displays virtual heat coils on the screen of the tablet that one could potentially use to heat up their lunch or their stone-cold coffee.

While the app is fully functional and downloadable, it is technically a joke. The pranksters responsible say that while a tablet could potentially handle the weight of a coffee cup and really would most likely bring a cold cup of java back to room temperature -- it's not recommended that a user actually does it.

The Primary Coffee Company HotPad app was created as the controversy over the iPad cooling issues began to come to a boil with many frustrated users expressing annoyance over the problem.