This Guided Precision Rifle Technology Ensures a Shot Hits the Target

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: tracking-point & gizmag
This precision rifle is one of three being developed by TrackingPoint Inc. in Austin, Texas that is designed to give an average shooter sniper-like accuracy.

First, the view through the scope shows a magnified view and an axis which is parallel to the rifle barrel. The target is identified and tagged and a red dot is placed on the desired impact point. This dot stays on the target even as the rifle changes direction. A regular rifle would allow the shooter to pull the trigger at this point and miss his target.

So the precision rifle's scope moves the cross-hairs so they show where the bullet would actually go based on the barrels current position. The rifle will not fire until the impact point and the predicted impact point (based on the rifle's positioning) are close enough together to ensure impact.