Prada fw 2012

 - Feb 24, 2012
References: vogue
When it comes to style, Miuccia Prada rocks. No doubt about it. She can easily break fashion clichès making the result look a masterpiece of style rather that a clashing juxtaposition of colours and shapes.
This is exactly what happens in the Fall Winter collection, in which completely allover texturized outfits cross catwalks with unusual colors, sizes and graphic combinations.
These geometric patterns, that strongly recall 1960-70 wallpapers (with some hike to ethnical suggestion due to vivid and clashy color palettes) literally wrap up models from head to toe, bags included.
The most unusual innovation in Prada fw 2012 collection is the apparently disharmonious choice to put together microtextures that differ for size, colour range and design. Surprisingly, the high-end, classy constuctions of the dresses counterbalance this choice making the outfit look stylish, elegant and very innovative.
So don't follow cliches, be brave and rock your style!